Poly-tones and The History of the Mobile Phone

The impact of mobile phones to the society is continually growing. It doesn't matter whether you are dealing with businessmen or ordinary individuals. The best business mobile phones are on demand because more and more people are discovering what they can do with their devices easily. As more and more people have access to mobile phone, businesses are looking for new call centre solution in order to contact or be contacted by these mobile phone users.

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The Inception of mobile devices

It was in 1984 when the first commercial mobile phone was released by Motorola. Many people were amazed by the fact that handheld phones can make and receive calls even if they are on the go. Before mobile phones were created, people relied on telephones, which require cable lines thus they cannot be carried elsewhere. In a science fiction novel written by Robert Heinlein, it can be inferred that people dreamed of having handheld devices that they can bring with them to let them communicate easily. After the release of the first mobile phones in the market, people started to incorporate them in their lives, which led to the development of advanced mobile phones today.


As more and more people integrated mobile communication with their lives, additional functions and services were developed. The use of text messaging has become a fever among businessmen and people who want to talk more, but spend less on calling charges. Text messaging plans have been introduced by mobile companies and mobile phone users began exploring the functions of their phones according to their needs and wants. Mobile phones with Polyphonic ringtones became a hit to those who want to look hip, as they sound differently from the usual high-pitched ring tones installed on classic cellular phones. As years went by, other features such as multimedia messaging have become available so people can also send pictures apart from texts.

Connecting Devices

Before people became hooked to the Internet, many would connect their phones and send files using Infrared and Bluetooth. Infrared in mobile phones is now considered obsolete because they can only connect within a short range. Bluetooth, on the other hand, can connect within a longer range but not more than a room or two apart. As people want to connect more with their friends, business partners and loved ones, data plans have become available, making it possible to communicate even with people from the other side of the world.

Benefits to Developing Countries

Back in the day, people who live in far off places cannot ask for help or contact their loved ones because there are no telephones in most of these areas. Today, people can purchase cellular phones and take them anywhere. They can be used through the use of signals transmitted by telecommunication companies or satellites. Farmers and other people who trade their crops and other products to distant cities can check the weather condition before they travel, as well as the rate of the crops in the market. This way, they know when to sell their goods with lesser risks. Mobile phones do not only let people call or text but also expand the things that they can do at their fingertips.